Lifting Jim

To built an AGV which is able to lift 3 meters high and is still compact we developed Lifting Jim. Compared to Forklift Joe this AGV has 2 legs under the pallet which take care for the stability.

With those legs it`s not necessary to add additional weight at the back like the counterweight Forklift Joe, therefor we are able to built much more compact.

Lifting Jim uses the same navigation platform as his brothers with same advantages.

  • Icon check Liften tot 3m
  • Icon check Compact
  • Icon check Tot 1500kg
  • Icon check Compleet in eigen huis ontwikkkeld
  • Icon check Rijdt op vloerstructuur waardoor er GÉÉN bouwkundige aanpassingen nodig zijn!
  • Icon check Hulp op afstand (connected vehicles)
From - € 79.500,00

Ideal for internal logistics of:

Maximum speed
Charging time
Lift height
Battery capacity
Maximum carrying weight
Driving time
8 - 12uur

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