Company profile

KUMATECH is an innovative and progressive company specialised in logistic solutions for producing companies in small and medium-sized enterprises


KUMATECH, located in Bakel, is engaged in building and developing of building blocks for internal logistics, both stand-alone solutions and fully automated logistics processes. The company is established in 2017 as a sister company of Kuunders Technoworks after a solution was developed for the logistic drama behind the laser cutting machine.


Producing building blocks to make internal logistics smart and lean

After winning the Innovation Award (March 2018) KUMATECH has extended and developed their product range. KUMATECH is the one stop shopping partner for automated internal logistics. Combine from different building block makes every logistics system customer specific!



In the future KUMATECH wil keep developing the existing building blocks but also add new ones to the family. The market and needs of our customers changes all the time.

We want to be flexible and follow these trends with standard solutions. Please challenge us to think with you about a suitable and affordable solution!