KUMATECH Pallet Jack @Wicro Plastics (NL)

3 October 2023 Marij Vriens

Recently we delivered and installed a Pallet Jack at Wicro Plastics located in Kessel (NL). Wicro Plastics makes all kinds of parts for various high-quality brands. They develop, injection mould, assemble, build molds and coat. On their website they write ‘Insatiably curious, we’re always working to get the best out of people and technology’. The Pallet Jack is a good example of how technology relieves people so they can get more out of themselves.

The 8 wastes of Lean are also not unknown at Wicro Plastics, as can be seen in the background. With our AGV’s and storage solutions waste such as waiting, transport and movement can be prevented, making business processes even more efficient with the aim of creating a safe, pleasant workplace and higher added value in the operating results. Nice and interesting to see how Wicro Plastics does this and how we can contribute.

By the way, the Wicronesians call their new colleague Max ;).

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