Pallet Jack @Berkvens Deuren Someren (NL)

19 June 2023 John Jaspers

Phase 1 Berkvens Doors operational!

Phase 1 at Berkvens Doors has now been completed. Stacks of doors are delivered from production to the new shipping location via a transport bridge with roller conveyors.

Pallet Jack then takes care of the removal of this line and puts the door packages away in rows.

From here, the forklift driver can further process them for shipment. Pallet Jack has an adapted  carrier with 4 forks to provide sufficient support for the doors.

Phase 2 concerns the installation of a complete packaging line from HG engineering to which a shuttle from KUMATECH will be connected. From the shuttle, Pallet Jack will take over and puts the packages away at the desired location.

With phase 1, a lot of experience can now be gained in order to subsequently build the ideal (final) situation. This installation will be operational at the end of this year, so to be continued!


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