Visual Forklift Joe

Forklift Joe

The automated forklift, also suitable for closed pallets

Automate your internal logistics with the Forklift Joe.

Go for Workforce Optimization. The transport of pallets that are currently transported with a standard pallet truck can easily be automated, so your machine operator does not lose hours with logistics operations and these hidden lost hours can be added back into the production process.

Just like the Pallet Jack, the Forklift Joe can lift up to 1.200 mm, making it possible to bridge the height difference between roller track and floor level. Moving pallets from floor to floor level is also no problem.

Thanks to the counterweight, the Forklift Joe goes one step further and the forks can be lifted in a cantilevered manner, allowing closed pallets to be transported or removed from closed workbenches and tables. The extra narrow and thin spoons provide more margin in the openings of the pallet/carrier.


  • Icon check Robust
  • Icon check Counterweight, closed pallets also possible
  • Icon check Extra thin and narrow spoons
  • Icon check Rides on a floor structure, NO structural adjustments are required
  • Icon check Completely developed and built in-house
  • Icon check Remote assistance (connected vehicles)
  • Icon check Lithium battery (6000 charging cycles)
  • Icon check Fast implementation (2-3 days)
From - € 59.500,-

Ideal for internal logistics of:

Stalen transportrek
Steel transport rack
Transport trolley
Maximum speed
Charging time
Lift height
Battery capacity
60Ah (LiFePO4)
Maximum carrying weight
Dimensions (w x l x h)
W=850 mm L=2315 mm H=1795 mmmm
Driving time
8 - 12hour

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