Pallet Dispenser

Efficient and safe storing of empty pallets
Dimensions Cassette (W x L)
800x1200 (Europallet)
15 - 45 Pallets
Lift system
Hooks with actuators
Safety sensors
Push buttons or automatic
Height measurement system
Full, empty

Option: stack 1-5 pallets at a time

Stack up to 5 pallets at the same time in our automated Pallet Dispenser.

Option: In-line

Integrate the Pallet Dispenser into your production line. Can be customized.

Empty pallets spread all over the place and never a empty pallet on the right time and place? Or are they piled up and difficult, even dangerous, to grab?

Save time, space and hassle with the KUMATECH Pallet Dispenser!

The KUMATECH Pallet Dispenser is a modular system and can be integrated into your logistics process according to your wishes. Pallets can be entered and issued from a pallet truck or fully automated with our Pallet Jack. With the special AGV module, pallets can also be entered and collected by our Tractor Tom.

If your internal logistics is done by using carts, that’s no problem either! We have developed the cart module for this purpose. This is placed under the Pallet Dispenser so the base unit is at exactly the right height and pallets can be automatically collected from the cart and delivered to the cart. Even better for the ergonomics of your employees.

Stack up to 15 pallets high with our basic unit or expand it to 30 or even 45 pallets with our extensions.