Floorspace is scarce and therefor every single m2 has to be used in the most efficient way.

With KUMATECH`s building blocks for storage a complete logistic solution can be builts. Both stand-alone and completely automised including transport with AGV vehicles.

Modular storage of small and big pallets

De Modular Pallet Storage is a Pallet Storage which can be configured customer specific. Suitable both standard pallets as long pallets. In the middle of the storage a shuttle manages the in- and outb...

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Efficient storing of welding jigs, semi-finished and large products

With the Shelf Storage you are able to use every m2 in the most efficient way. To store welding jigs, semi-finished products or collecting purchase parts in height this solution perfectly fits your ne...

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Efficient storing of pallets

Thanks to the KUMATECH Pallet Tower the efficiency of your internal logistics will be optimized and organised. With the Pallet Tower you will achieve the following goals:...

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Efficient and safe storing of empty pallets

Empty pallets spread all over the place and never a empty pallet on the right time and place? Or are they piled up and difficult, even dangerous, to grab? Save time, space and hassle with the KUMATECH...

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